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International clients:

Global Solar, Four winds International, Community Speakers, Digilock, Celgene from the US - Targray, Lancer Group, Adam System Engineering , Broadsign, and Corvus from Canada - AXEOS, Eikeo, Broadpeak and Potters from France - Sodi Scientifica and FIDA from Italy - Wasp3D, Interra Systems, Prime Focus and Mediaguru from India - Opera Software from Norway - Altech from South Africa - Australian Monitor from Australia - Tanita, Daiya Corporation and Mitsubishi Graphic from Japan - Absen, Deepsky and Shenzen Aoto from China - Cayin Technology from Taiwan - Samsung Technical, Samsung Medical and Lukhan from South Korea - Precor, Adelco Screen Process, Sahara, Amer Sports and X-Pole from the UK - Polyprint from Greeche - Semilab from Hungary and many others

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